Child Doing Art Activity

Child Doing Art Activity

Image by Joshua Eckstein

Image by Joshua Eckstein

Curious Girl

Curious Girl

Image by Element5 Digital

Image by Element5 Digital

Playing in Nursery

Playing in Nursery

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Cactus Wren Preschool!

Cactus Wren Cooperative Preschool was established in 1979 and is one of the oldest preschools in Sierra Vista.  As a non-profit organization, it fills a community need by offering an affordable, positive social experience for preschool children and their families.  Cactus Wren is a secular, play-based preschool, focused on hands-on learning.

The school is run by a dedicated staff and parent volunteers, who serve as executive board members, classroom volunteers, and in a variety of other roles.

Open Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year will begin April 6, 2021!

We are looking forward to the new school year and would love to have your child attend Cactus Wren. If you are interested in enrolling or receiving more information, please contact Jacque Raftery at

Scholarships Available!



Cactus Wren Cooperative Preschool provides services that further the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of the preschool child by providing him or her with regular association with other children his or her own age, under the guidance of trained teachers. We educate parents concerning the needs and growth of children and techniques for working with children through participation in the classroom and/or other cooperative events.


As a nonprofit corporation, Cactus Wren Cooperative Preschool exists to serve the public interest. To that end, our members (parents, the board of directors, and staff) value most:

• Quality                               • Positivity  

• Integrity                            • Teamwork  

• Stewardship                    • Professionalism


Cactus Wren Cooperative Preschool is regarded by the community, and by local and state educational institutions, as the premier preparatory school for prekindergarten-level children; offering opportunities for social and educational development in preschool settings.
• Parents love our programs and recommend us to their friends.
• Kindergarten teachers respect and appreciate the level of performance of our former preschool children.
• Public institutions commend our performance as an exemplification of excellence in early childhood education and development.
• We are faithful in our mission to serve the public interest.

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