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As a cooperative preschool, Cactus Wren relies on the involvement of our members to keep the school running smoothly. All volunteering efforts are highly encouraged and valued. Volunteering at Cactus Wren can take many forms and may include any of the activities found below and many more.

  • Help with events (e.g. Ice Cream Social, Fall Festival, Holiday Program, Spring Potluck, Graduation, etc.)

    • Planning (under the direction of the Vice-President)

    • Setting up for the event

    • Running activity stations at an event

    • Donating potluck items for events

    • Cleaning up after an event​​

  • Bring in supplies as needed/requested​​

  • Help teachers prepare activities/classwork

    • Cutting out lamination​

    • Assembling craft packets

  • Provide services to Cactus Wren

    • Photography at events​

    • Being a guest speaker at board meetings

    • Presenting during Community Helpers' week


Helping Hand Badge
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