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Cactus Wren Cooperative Preschool uses the Arizona Early Learning Standards as the basis for our curriculum. We teach the letter names and sounds using the Learning Dynamics program. We provide a child-centered /play based learning environment. During the school year we place an emphasis on the following areas and activities. 


Social Development

  • Free Play

  • Dramatic Play

  • Group Interaction

  • Sharing

  • Listening Skills


Emotional Development

  • Developing a Positive Self-Image

  • Hands-On Learning

  • Fun & Enjoyment

  • Creativity

  • Imagination

Cognitive 1.png

Cognitive Development

  • Math & Science Experiments

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Thematic Units

  • Circle Time

  • Language Experiences

Physical 2.jpg

Physical Development

  • Discovery

  • Coordination

  • Exercises

  • Dancing

  • Snack time

And so much more!​

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