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If you are reporting your child absent, we need you to clarify in your message the nature of the reason for the absence. If your child is sick, you will need to detail the circumstances of the sickness for their teacher, so that they have a complete understanding of the situation and can relay that information to our director. We also ask that you keep your child's teacher updated each day that your child is subsequently absent and send them a final report once the child has recovered. This helps us determine when and if a child is eligible to return to school. We want to avoid any students from being turned away during drop off if possible.

● If your child presents with any ONE of the following symptoms they will be sent home and/or will need to be kept home for 48 hours after the symptoms have subsided without medication. If they are brought to school before this time period, they will not be allowed to attend that day.
▪ Fever or chills
▪ Temperature of 100.0 F or higher
▪ Nausea or vomiting
▪ Diarrhea
▪ New loss of taste or smell

● If your child has any TWO of the following symptoms, they will need to be kept home or will be sent home and may not return to school until the symptoms are gone or they have a note from their doctor stating that the symptoms are not COVID related.
▪ Cough (dry or wet)
▪ Green Mucus

▪ Rash
▪ Congestion
▪ Headache
▪ Runny nose with clear drainage

● If a student returns to school and these symptoms are still present without a doctor's note, the students’ parents will be contacted immediately to come to pick up their child. Please be patient with our staff if you are asked to come and pick up your child, as they are trying to do their best to keep all of our students and staff healthy so that we can remain open this school year.

● If your child will be taking a COVID test please let us know as soon as possible and keep us updated on the results of the test.

● Please inform us immediately if your child falls ill as we need to take extra measures to clean and sanitize any areas that they may have been in contact with while attending school.

Last Updated 7/13/22

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