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AUGUST 2023 - MAY 2024

Registration Fees: $50 for the first student and $40 for each additional student.

(Registration fee is Non-Refundable.)

Co-Op Fee: $25 per semester, paid up front and refunded if your contribution is fulfilled  (Only 1 Co-Op fee per family.) {See Co-Op Fee Notes Below.}

2-Day Preschool

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings
Monthly: $175.00
5-month installment: $831.25 (5% discount)
10-month installment: $1,575.00 (10% discount)

3-Day Preschool

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Mornings
Monthly: $250.00
5-month installment: $1,187.50 (5% discount)
10-month installment: $2,250.00 (10% discount)

4-Day Pre-K

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Mornings

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Afternoons
Monthly: $285.00
5-month installment: $1,353.75 (5% discount)
10-month installment: $2,565.00 (10% discount)


* 1st & Last month's tuition, as well as the registration fee, will be due 3 days prior to the student's agreed upon start date.

Scholarships are available for our 3-Day and Pre-K classes!

Please inquire for details!


15% Discount On Tuition 
Families enrolling more than one child at a time into the Cactus Wren program will receive a discount on the second child's tuition. The discount will be applied to the lesser of the two children's tuition amounts.

Only one discount per family can be used at a time. Please contact the Financial Director for more information.

Refer a Friend Program

Families that refer a friend to Cactus Wren Preschool, have that friend register and attend, will be eligible for a $50 tuition discount or a gift card to Target.

Co-Op Fee Information

Cactus Wren Preschool is one of the oldest preschools in Sierra Vista.  Heavy parent involvement and participation has allowed us to keep tuition affordable and preschool education accessible to all families since the beginning.  In more recent years, government regulations have made it difficult to have parents in the classrooms, but we still rely on the co-op model to keep our school running and affordable.  That means that we rely on our parents to volunteer their time at activities, donate supplies, help teachers prepare materials for their classes, and participate in whatever ways they are able.  Every family will be responsible for volunteering their time, donating supplies, or paying a $25.00 co-op fee each semester. Only one co-op fee per family, per semester, will be assessed.  More information will be supplied at your child’s orientation.

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. 


Unfortunately, it has become necessary for us to adopt a late fee policy. Tuition which is not paid on the due date of the 1st of the month will result in a $20 late fee if still unpaid by the 7th of the month, payable with the overdue tuition. If the overdue tuition+late fee is still unpaid by the 15th of the month, an additional $20 late fee will be added and the child will be suspended from school until all tuition and late fees are paid. Please attempt to contact the Financial Director before the 7th. 

Tuition payments may be processed electronically from your Brightwheel account or you may deposit payments, via check or money order, in the grey tuition box inside the office door or mail to: 

Cactus Wren Cooperative Preschool

P.O. Box 1112 

Sierra Vista, AZ 85636 

*Please write your child's name and class in the "Memo" portion of your check/money order. DO NOT PUT CHECKS IN THE FINANCIAL DIRECTOR'S BOX.

We DO NOT accept cash payments.

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